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Start investing from as little as €100. With €0 membership fee.

Off-market deals

Access the best opportunities, usually only available to professional investors. Co-invest alongside Top-tier VCs and Angels.


Create your own portfolio, or get global exposure to all funded companies on Keenest with the Keendex (coming soon).

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Access a secondary market anytime and freely trade your assets.

Be a copilot

Get involved in the projects financed through the Keen’ investors engagement platform.

Get rewarded

Secure extra-benefits with our governance token as well as with Climate Dividends (CO2 reduction indicator).

Invest in the future you believe in

Explore a curated selection of projects. From low tech to deep tech, AI software to decarbonizing hardware, discover the top 1% solutions to fight climate change.

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How it works

Step 01


Select projects you want to back, and buy its tokens. You can invest between €100 and €10,000+ per project.

Step 02


Reap financial and extra-financial rewards. Monitor the evolution of your yields via your dashboard.

Step 03


Access a secondary market any time to freely trade your assets.

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Avatar Michel

Michael D.

CEO Algoan

"With a smart use of web3 tech, Keenest fuels outstanding initiatives, turbocharging our collective fight against climate change."

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Carl P.


"I was looking for a trustworthy and serious investment platform into decarbonization. I was advised that Keenest is the perfect match."

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Anais B.


"I never thought I'd access high-impact projects as a small investor. This platform lets me invest as little as 100 euros in exhilarating opportunities."

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Mehdi C.

CEO Team for the Planet

"Keenest is a new way to finance Climate Techs. Instead of relying solely on traditional financial players, they will be able to collect funds directly from our investors community."

Avatar Clarisse

Clarisse H.

CEO Dfns

"Tokenization has democratized impact investing impressively. The user-friendly interface and community knowledge have helped me grow as a tech investor and sustainability advocate."

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Yannick C.

Entrepreneur & investor

"What convinced me with Keenest is their unique focus on delivering both financial and environmental return. They select carefully Climate Techs, and assess their positive impact regarding GHGs."

Connect with peers

who are equally passionate about driving change through impact investing.

Talk with the founders

Discuss investment opportunities, get fresh news regarding funded projects, and get involved in your portfolio companies.

Access unique opportunities

Access off-market deals, in or outside the Climate space, such as pre-IPO unicorns.

Climate tech founders, 
apply to get funded

We're always looking for innovative projects that align with our mission: doing good and doing well.

Apply today to get featured on Keenest, and our team of analysts will get back to you within a few days.

€0 Commission

Unlike crowdequity platforms charging 10%+ fees, we don’t charge you any variable fees on the amount raised.

Leverage and activate your community

Through our dedicated platform, energize your investors community and create an edge against competition.

Share value

Leverage our unique technology to distribute tokenized equity to internal or external stakeholders. In order to create even more value for everyone.

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apply to get fundedIllustration Climate tech founders, 
apply to get funded


What are the selection criteria for the chosen innovations?

- First, we select only companies developing products or services designed to have a positive impact on Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, either avoiding or removing CO2.
- Second, the technology must have been validated, either by a scientific committee of a trusted third party, such as the Solar Impulse Foundation.
- Finally, the company must have a blueprint business model which ensure the viability of the project, and be able to provide financial return to its investors. We only co-invest with other investors (VCs, BAs...) so that we are not the only one to bear the risk.

What are the risks behind such investments?

Since the solutions financed are mostly in an early stage position, your investment is quite risky, and may either result in a financial upside or downside. Financial risks are mitigated thanks to the secondary market, that reduce risks of illiquidity. Investors can decide to sell their assets anytime on the marketplace.

How is the real impact of innovations measured?

- In order to measure the positive climate impact of the funded solutions, a trusted third party compare the GHG emissions of the scenario with the solution implemented (Solution scenario) to the GHG emissions of the most credible fictitious reference scenario without the solution (Reference scenario).
- The difference in GHG emissions between the two scenarios gives the amount of GHG emissions that the Solution can claim to have avoided or removed.
- The avoided or/and removed emissions are then converted into Climate Dividends. Learn more on the Climate Dividends Protocol here.

I want to learn more about Keenest

- Keenest project is very well documented on our Lite Paper. You will learn more on our mission, solution, team and roadmap.
- If you want to learn more about our tokenomics, have a look at our Whitepaper.
- You can also join our Discord community to get real-time updates on the project, ask all your questions and take part in the journey!